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Microsoft Windows 7 Basic Training

Senior citizen training (For Assisted living Facilities)

Several of our customers own and operate Assisted Living Facilities. At Belcron we strive to give the best service to everyone in out family of customers and at the same time put you the customer in the best position to deliver your services. For our Assisted living Facilities customers, Belcron can help you to add one more attractive amenity to your services. This is called “Senior Live and Learn”. We have a tailor made package just for senior citizens. We facilitate total online access and teach the seniors how to communicate with family and love ones in a social environment. Call Belcron for more details.

Get the most out of Windows 7™

Belcron offers Windows 7 training services to help businesses adapt to and use new Windows 7 capabilities. The Windows 7 Basic Training service will help you get the most out of your new Windows 7 system by describing key new features and showing you how to use them.