Laptop & PC Repair

  • Hardware Upgrade
  • PC Optimization
  • PC Tune-Up
  • PC Diagnostic

Trouble with your PC or Laptop?

Our expert computer repair technicians come directly to your home or office to provide computer support for troubled notebook and desktop computers. We offer same-day service so don't hesitate to call

PC Optimization

Help your system reach its top performance
Every PC needs regular maintenance to help keep it running at peak performance.
PC Optimization from Belcron includes help with optimizing your system, deleting unwanted files and removing unnecessary processes that slow your computer down. We'll even install the most recent Windows updates to help guard against security threats and, if needed, help defrag your hard drive.

PC Tune-Up

It's like having your own computer mechanic
Belcron goes the extra mile with PC Tune-Up.
This comprehensive service helps identify and remove existing spyware and viruses, optimizes your PC, and helps keep your system running at peak performance.

PC Diagnostic

Understand your computer's symptoms first
At Belcron, we offer a comprehensive PC examination
Our certified technicians will identify problem areas and the causes to common symptoms, and then recommend the right solution to meet your needs.